Griego que vive en espana, casar russa en russia


i am greek living in andalucia for last 6 years, i have my NIE and my tarjeta de residencia

We want to marry in Russia with my girlfriend, that lives in russia( she has visited here 3-4 times with turistic visa)

A bit confused about the process
anyone can help?

si necessitais que escribo en espanol, puedo intentar :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Hi Dimitris, although my case is not exactly the same as your one as I am a Spanish citizen now living in Spain, what I did is to get married with my Russian wife in the Spanish Consulate in Moscow and then informed the Spanish authorities in Madrid. They inscribed in the Civil Registry.
Not sure if the Greek legislation would work in the same way, though.
I would suggest to get in contact with the Greek Consulate in Moscow and/or to find an advocate specialized in the subject.

1 me gusta

i have also residency, so i guess i can also do that, marry in spanish consulate and then we inform spanish authorities while we are here
But my undertanding is that since we get marrie din the spanish consulate in moscow, we can travel togethe rin spain and the 90/180 days rule doesnt apply already for her, yes?

Also did u marry IN the spanish Consulate? they do that?

Hi Dimitris. You cannot get married in the Spanish one. You’d marry in a Greek Consulate because you are a Greek citizen.
You can do any of this 2 procedures. Get married in Moscow and then legalize the Russian marriage in the Greek authorities. Or do the reverse, get married under the Greek law and legalize the marriage in Russia.
Not sure if you could get married in the Greek consulate in Spain, probably yes.
Each country has different laws, so I’d suggest to either/both get in contact with Greek consulate in Spain, or get the advice of a Russian / Greek specialized advocate to get professional advice and paperwork help.