Legalization of member of family of EU citizen

I and my husband are moving from the Netherlands to Spain.
He is Dutch,EU citizen.We are married in Russia.
Our marriage certificate have apostile and recognized in the Netherlands.

I am from Russia.
I’m moving with him to Spain.I have tourist visa C (Netherlands).
I have to go to immigration office in Spain for legalization.
What documents do I need for immigration office.
Maybe somebody knows and can help to get this information.
Thank you,Nadezhda.

Thank you for the information and helping!

Buenos días Nadezhda,

At this link you’ll have all the info you are looking for.

Hope this is helpful, have a nice day!

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hello Nadezhda,

how far are you from getting your residence permit in The Netherlands? my point is that it makes sense to obtain it there and then ask for the Spanish one. It will be easier this way, because if you apply for the residency in Spain without it, then you will have to register your Russian marriage in the Central Register (most probably) and that can take ages before you are actually qualified to apply. Just my 2 cents

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Thank you for the information!!!

It is not possible now to get the residence there for me due to the rules of the country. and our marrige is legalized in the Netherlands.

I find it difficult to believe that The Netherlands refused to issue you a residence permit if you are officially married to one of their nationals who lives there. But if you want to live in Spain then your husband has to get his Spanish document, and only when he gets it you would able to apply for the Spanish residence, which is not valid to live in The Netherlands